Immigration Bonds

immigration services dallas tx areaIf you or a loved one has been detained by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), it is vital to have an aggressive Dallas Immigration Attorney who can protect your rights and work to see that you are treated fairly. Many people subject to deportation may be detained during immigration court proceedings. In the Dallas area, most of these people are detained at the Rolling Plains Detention Center in Haskell, Texas or the Johnson County Detention Center in Cleburne, Texas.  In cases of immigration detention, part of our superior customer service is working to secure your release as quickly as possible.

The Law Office of Nathan Christensen has helped many people obtain immigration bonds though ICE and also through a motion to the Immigration Judge.  Call us today for a consultation so our experienced deportation attorney can analyze your case to determine if your loved one qualifies for a bond.  If so, our attorney is aggressive and will do everything necessary to get you the lowest immigration bonds possible.

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