Success Stories

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Here’s a good story. When this little girl and her mother first came to see us they were both in removal proceedings in danger of being deported. This was a result of horrible legal advice that led to years of trouble for this family.  After a long fight, both she and her mother are no longer in proceedings and we were able to get this young lady her certificate of citizenship. Her life will be much better now that she is a documented citizen of the United States. We absolutely love what we do.

We have included on this page a few of the reviews we have received from past clients.  Each review is genuine, was written by an actual client, and has not been doctored in any way.  Our goal is to treat you so well and do such a good job on your case that you will want to give us a 5 star review as well.

As an established church in West Texas for 35 years now, we have always needed good immigration advice and help because we sponsor Pastors and Teachers from Canada and Mexico. In the past 4 years, Nate Christensen has been instrumental in getting 3 R-1 Visas approved for us. His attention to detail and his focus on each case brings about much-needed success. Nate is always accessible and willing to do what it takes to get a case resolved, whether it is research, or behind-the-scenes contacts. We have also appreciated his honesty when a case is not do-able. I know attorneys who would gladly take our money and run, but Nate has won our trust with his hard work on our behalf, and again, his honesty. We know you will appreciate him too.

John Peters
Mennonite Evangelical Church
Seminole, Texas

Definitely a 10 STAR Experience! Nathan is very professional and a joy to work with. You will not be disappointed with the personal service he provides. He guides you every step of the way, explains everything and even attends your interview with INS. The process was so smooth, papers filled out correctly and attention to all the details is foremost with him and his staff! Cost is very reasonable and I can truly say I made the right choice going with Nate for my Immigration needs!

Barb Muiccio
Carrollton, Texas

I feel honored to write a review for Nathan Christensen. Having the experience of finding Nathan as my lawyer, I not only found a responsible, caring, and noble lawyer, I found a friend. I can honestly say that I could not have found a better lawyer, he listened to all of my concerns and answered all my questions. Thanks to God and Nathan, my life has changed tremendously. Along with his team, I believe he has a strong foundation. May God always bless him and his team for their dedications and hard work for serving others.

Jose Perales
Rotan, Texas

immigration attorney fort worth tx area

Mr. Christensen worked with my case here in the USA and it took less than 6 months to get my Resident Card. He is very professional, and very clear and specific which is really important in this immigration case. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an Immigration attorney. Awesome work!!!

Amelia Dickinson
Salt Lake City, Utah

I just wanted to thank Nathan and his staff for all they did for our family my husband just got his residency and we couldn’t be more happy Nathan did what 2 other lawyers said could not happen I will forever be thankful to him. They answered every question and made us feel at ease very friendly and worked hard on my husbands case.

Claudia Hernandez
Abilene, Texas

When I hired Nathan, it was with the intentions to help me get a green card. However, during the process he determined that through a complicated law that existed when I was born, I was actually already an American citizen. This surprised us both. He filed the necessary documents and instead of getting just residency, I received a certificate of citizenship in a short period of time. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with immigration. Plus meeting with Nathan you can really see that he is genuinely interested in your case and does the impossible to get answers and help you. He has both the professionalism and the spirit to make you feel abetted and at ease with your case.

Ernesto Lopez
Lubbock, Texas

If there were more stars for me to click on I would totally do it. Nathan and his team helped my husband get his permanent resident card and we could not be more grateful with them. His team is super friendly, welcoming and always answered any questions we had .They always kept me up to date on my case, if it was not by phone it was through an email, but I always knew what was going on and what I needed to do. I felt confident they were doing the very best to help my case. When I was looking for an attorney I realized that many of the popular immigration firms were always so overcrowded, unorganized and you never saw the actual attorney, but from the very first appointment we had with Nathan we knew it was going to be different. We actually talked to him and at times talked to him over the phone as well, so we knew he was actually involved in our case 100 %. Believe me when I say you will not be disappointed with this Law Office.

Elizabeth Zepeda
Denton, Texas

Nathan and his team are the reason I finally have my green card! Over the last 4 years my employer and I have received assistance from Nathan’s law office for my R1 and then for my green card. Thanks to his meticulous detail to attention, his consistency in responding to my infinite questions and the helpful demeanor of him and his staff, I have been approved for all my applications processed through his office. I don’t think you’ll find a more pleasant and successful immigration lawyer than Nathan Christensen! I cannot say enough how wonderful a team this office has and how much all their hard work has meant to me. I recommend them to anyone who has immigration questions and concerns.

Archana Mathew
Abilene, Texas

I’ve been working on various immigration requirements for the better part of 10 years now & I can say with absolute certainty that Nathan is the best lawyer I’ve encountered within that time (and I’ve met a few). Right from the beginning he made sure I understood my rights and the road ahead, providing a step-by-step guide to make my applications go as smoothly as possible. He was always available to meet and discuss my case, while also staying in contact via email/phone if I couldn’t make it in. Thanks to Nate I now have my Permanent Residency established and I look forward to returning to him in the near future to begin applying for Citizenship.

Eric Nduati
Dallas, Texas

Amazing team!! Thank you so much for everything you have done for my family! Definitely would recommend Nathan and his team to anyone needing immigration help.

Linda Menjivar
Abilene, Texas

He is helpful, he is honest, he is more than reasonable with his fee. I like him not only as an Attorney, but also as a person. If anyone looking for an Immigration Attorney, he is the best.

Srinath Marka
Lubbock, Texas

This is an extraordinary Law Firm! I would personally give them more than a 5 star rating. They helped me obtain my Permanent Resident card without any complications! From the moment we walked in they were super nice and honest! The girls at the office are great communicators and constantly will update you about every detail and answer questions you have. Both the lawyer and the staff did a great job! they are genuine about caring for your family and doing what it takes to get the best outcome there can be and thats what makes them awesome. Thank you Christensen Law Firm for your hard work!

Julia Guerrero
Lewisville, Texas

Love all you guys thanks Nate and Brenda for the hard work.

Michael Khodayari
San Antonio, Texas

Exacly, like everyone say here, Mr. Nathan is the best attorney in Texas!

Marisol Smith
Little Elm, Texas

After being turned down by two different lawyers, I was about to give up and one day I decided to give it another shot. Thats when I found The Law Office of Nathan Christensen. I gave them a call and they promptly gave me an appointment to discuss my case. I went with negative thoughts due to being turned down previously for issues I had in my past. That day when I spoke with Nathan Christensen, he fulfilled me with hope and renewed my optimism by very honestly saying, “I can handle your case”. At that moment, I was very happy and until now nobody has treated me with honesty and professionalism more than the staff at The Law Office of Nathan Christensen. I got my citizenship now and the Law Office of Nathan Christensen formed part of my life and all I have to say is Thank You very much from the bottom of my heart.

Miguel Santos
Mesquite, Texas

Highly recommend this law office for anyone looking for experienced navigation through the frustrating and tedious immigration process. My husband, who came to the U.S. from Canada, just obtained his permanent residency after beginning this process nearly three years ago. Our case, while it should have fairly simple, ended up having quite a few obstacles along the way, making the process stall and take longer and longer every time. What made it easier and less worrisome for us is that Nathan and his amazing team was there with us every step of the way, and remained patient even when we were bothering him all the time for updates on our case. I definitely think it’s worth paying the professional to walk you through the process, if possible. There are just way too many details and things that are easy to forget/mess up along the way …… and no one can afford to have to start all over in this process for a mistake that an attorney will not overlook. If you do hire a professional, this is your guy!

Mandy Raymond
Haltom City, Texas

Hands Down the Best immigration Lawyer In Dallas. The people are really nice. A definite 10 on 10

Saif Ali Chattriwala
Carrollton, Texas

Careful, attentive, and very friendly office/staff. Nathan made everything easy. They truly care for their clients.

Zaira Ahmad
Murphy, Texas

I recommend this wonderful team for any case you may have. They are excellent really professional and they helped me through the whole process they had an answer to every question and if they didn’t have them they would look for an answer I truly appreciate them for what they did for me and my family thank you so much.

Cristina Gonzales
Lewisville, Texas

We had the best experience everything was handled perfectly. Great team and great job. I recommend everyone to use him. Thank you for all the hard work and all the great advice we will for sure be in touch!

Vannah Fadhil
Arlington, Texas

This law firm really takes the time to get to know their clients. They are supportive and kind through the entire process. They are clear on what they need and willing to help anyway they can. Esther is a wonderful person to work with in the front desk, she always stays positive and warm. Genesis is the most organized and quick to respond to emails ! Nathan is an extremely intelligent man who obviously knows his study. So blessed to have them through this process. Nothing negative to say!

Mayme Dore
Sherman, Texas

Highly recommend Nathan and his staff. They all are very professional, fun, and most importantly, knowledgeable!

Victor Romero
Irving, Texas